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In order to gain a user name and password, you must submit your list by following the submit a list link. This will submit your list to our swap board for verification purposes. [By verifying your trade list we can avoid processing requests from people who only have drowingman and onion shirts and are looking for judge schism longsleeves].

By submitting your own list, you can CHOOSE your own password. We only ask that you submit your FULL NAME with your list. No nicknames. Any list submitted with a nickname will be deleted. Check back within 48-96 hours. If your list is appropriate, it should be added by then.

If you have never used this record swap before, you must read the rules on how this works. Its run a little different than most so please click the "How to use the Record Swap" link below before you submit a list.

Attn: traders: Before finalizing any trades with any individuals, please, do your homework. If a deal sounds good to be true, it probably is. The lists on this board can never be 100% verified by our staff, but to our knowledge, all the traders are in good standing. If you find out differently, please alert us immediately so that other users can be warned off. Finally, the staff at HYE takes no responsibility for the trades made on this board. We will attempt to assist in any method possible in the case of a rip off, but we cannot promise positive results every time.

Individuals with NEW next to their names in the USERS list are recent submissions (less than a week) to the swap. Please make them feel welcome by inundating them with trade offers.

Individuals with ** next to their names in the USERS list have not updated their lists in far too long and are close to being removed from the list entirely. Trade lists that have not been updated in over 2 years will be removed with zero tolerance.

The following people have been identified as BAD traders from multiple sources:

  • 02/24/2004 -- Andy Machin
  • 02/24/2004 -- Mike Spero
  • 04/01/2005 -- "Mike Trooper" -- More Info
  • 10/04/2005 -- housexofxpain@gmail.com -- More Info
  • 01/01/2006 -- Corey/Bart Baughman @ 823 park ave lakemont \ altoona,pa 16602 AIM: squareoneride \ Warning He may use pics stolen from the collections page.
  • 08/15/2006 -- "Kyle Falls" or possibly "Dani Dowling" - Goes by KylexHighmosh on the b9. Claimed he never received money FROM a paypal transaction. Lame. Still owes dude stuff.
  • 08/24/2006 -- Marco Garripoli - Torino Italy area rip off. Blames WAY too many "lost" packages on Italian Post. Ebay name marcozap
  • 09/22/2006 -- Sean Smalling - Flakey. Some people got their stuff. Others did not. B9 user and AIM: learnedd nothing. Myspace
  • 10/24/2006 -- AKEMAR RAZACK - TBG, 962, LORONG PAK MAHAT, KPG PANDAN \ KLANG, SELANGOR 41000 \ Malaysia \ Akemar. He ordered a ton of stuff from Think Fast! got his package, then filed a paypal claim getting all his loot back. Think Fast! is offering free merch if someone can get their loot/merch back for them.
  • 11/21/2006 -- Mike Campbell (wentzxattack) \ 10153 Bristol Dr. \ Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91737. Ripped off a few B9 dudes. Could also use the name Cheryl Campbell (sister??) or Cassidy Godfreys (gf??).
  • 12/11/2006 -- Rick (Paulo) From Brazil, sings for Clearview. As part of a trade, he Was sent shirts and then never sent anything back. Claimed he never received the euro shirts than was spotted on myspace wearing them. DUH!!
  • 01/02/2007 -- Bill Ferry. Up to shady shit again. WEAK! Ask Orhun or Jon Gaasland for more info.
  • 02/08/2007 -- Bill Ballard / Rebecca Sexton. Ebay username: rebecca.ann. Apparently "she let" Bill sell stuff under her name and Bill has ghosted.
  • 04/06/2007 -- James Bourget - currently stiffing someone for $100 in Iron Boots EPs. Weak.
  • 07/12/2007 -- Matt Gist & Girlfriend - Sold a lot of stuff on ebay under the username risaislegend which is now no longer registered due to the mass amount of negative feedback. The websites he ran are now ghost towns too. Check his trade list for his email address. Weak.
  • 08/14/2007 -- Nick Dunn. Previously a good trader. Money was sent, record never was.
  • 10/16/2007 -- Mike Kinlin (Guns Up!). Messages were exchanged, money was sent, sweatshirt never was, no messages returned anymore.
  • 10/16/2007 -- Sergio Andres Torres Rueda. From Bucaramanga, Columbia. He's offering several hard to find Columbian metal and hardcore records for sale. Takes the money, doesn't send the albums.
  • 10/16/2007 -- Jordan Tyler. Accepted money for records, never shipped. Promised he would refund. Still hasn't happened yet.
  • 06/05/2008 -- Richard Ramos. Accepted money for records on the Viva La Vinyl board. Did not send records. Does not respond to email anymore.
  • 06/22/2008 -- Beau Stevenson-Newby. Accepted some records in a trade, never sent his end of the trade. 6+ months later, nothing still.
  • 07/26/2008 -- David Logan. Once a good trader. Then he accepted hundreds of dollars worth of records in trade and never sent his end of the trade. No response to emails or myspace either.
  • 07/30/2008 -- Ben Sova. Owes some records to the UK. Stopped replying to all email and myspace messages.
  • 08/06/2008 -- Chris Diaferio. Sold a few records, never sent them. May have joined the army ...
  • 10/23/2008 -- Adam Hersh Accepted records in a trade, added him to his have list, never sent his end of the trade out. LAME.
  • 11/09/2008 -- Justin Hardy -- sketchy. previously "hardy512hook" on ebay. Sold items, pretended to send them, played lots of game with his paypal account. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. AIM russianvoodka86 from westminster or new windsow, maryland.
  • 12/29/2008 -- xhideyourheartx666 / Ronald Haines -- Ripped a slew of people off on Ebay. Here's his email: keepontruckin16@aol.com
  • 01/07/2009 -- Phil Brown -- Accepted money for records. Never sent the records. Sent many stories about sending records but never sent them.
  • 01/07/2009 -- Chris Tart / Sophr Jankins -- Sold someone a warped record without mentioning it was warped. Stopped replying to emails.
  • 04/02/2010 -- NEW Slavko Akalovic - Lots of shady shill bidding, ebay name changing, very sketchy shit. Full Report and Update

The following people have been identified as semi shady:

  • 10/27/2005 -- Rob Salefske - "he's just busy" excuse for 3 months
  • 01/21/2006 -- Derek Neuland (xbackstabberx@gmail.com) - also claims "he's just busy" for months
  • 02/27/2007 -- Curtis Lapham -- More Info -- Sometimes he's the best, sometimes the worst.

The following people have been identified as no longer shady. Feel free to trade with them:

  • 04/03/2012 -- Stuart Schrader -- More Info A different person was masquerading as him, tarnishing his rep. He's a solid dude.
  • 06/14/2011 -- Justin Malone - Turned it around. Made good and is now a positive ebay seller: potential.suicide.
  • 08/08/2008 -- David Conrad - Sarasota FL. Previously a good trader, but recently promised a Tear It Up test press for loot. Money was sent, record never was. A million excuses were given and then he stopped communincating. -- Update Dave sent out the records he owed people and tossed in bonuses. Word.
  • 08/27/2007 -- Andre Weststrate - Misrepresented a tshirt (claiming it was "OG"/from the 80's but was really a recent reprint) during a trade and when the other trader attempted to get his OG shirt back, Andre stopped communicating. Update: The shirt was returned. Everyone is happy again.
  • 09/21/2008 -- Fabian Medina. Sold a record, never shipped it. Turned out he was moving and it took a back seat. But after moving and another email, he refunded the loot PLUS sent the record and a bonus tee. Happy endings rule.

One final note: I, Brian Murphy, accept finder fees, generous donations and gifts. Thanks people.

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brian mccann Combined 07/10/2018
brian murphy Combined 04/11/2019
brian murray Combined 10/07/2019
bruno eggebrecht ** Combined 10/14/2017
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casey homa Combined 05/25/2019
cecil arnold Combined 10/17/2019
charlie murphy Combined 10/20/2018
chip walbert Combined 09/20/2018
chris chasse Combined 03/05/2019
chris minicucci Combined 05/30/2019
chris reynier Combined 07/29/2018
christiaan hemstede Combined 11/18/2018
christian haas Combined 10/16/2019
christoph lupold Combined 06/18/2019
christophe landry Combined 08/09/2019
clay smith Combined 07/04/2019
cole gilbert Combined 10/17/2019
craig arms Combined 01/31/2019
dane de guzman Combined 07/19/2019
danie moncada Combined 09/21/2019
daniel leverett Combined 10/02/2019
daniel smith Combined 03/06/2018
dave jannes Combined 10/14/2019
dave trott Combined 01/10/2018
dave walling Combined 06/06/2019
david hawkins Combined 07/31/2019
david redding Combined 08/27/2019
dennis ridgway Combined 02/27/2019
dirk temmink Combined 02/20/2019
dominic federico Combined 09/16/2018
don pedro Combined 10/11/2019
doug wurzer Combined 08/17/2019
duane harris Combined 03/18/2019
dylan mallia Combined 07/29/2018
eric calbow Combined 04/19/2018
eric tyler ** Combined 07/27/2017
erik kaplansky Combined 04/15/2019
evan fauteux ** Combined 10/11/2017
fabian dunkelmann Combined 12/03/2017
ferry krop Combined 01/01/2018
gabriel bueno Combined 01/04/2018
gary hunter Combined 11/11/2017
gerd geurtz Combined 03/04/2019
glenn kelly Combined 03/17/2018
graham hopper Combined 10/15/2019
greg niemczyk Combined 10/18/2019
grover heath Combined 09/03/2019
guido ritz Combined 08/25/2019
hauke sass Combined 10/10/2019
henry apel Combined 10/06/2019
ipank knapi Combined 10/24/2018
jackie sly ** Combined 08/12/2017
jad ryan Combined 04/01/2018
jai jacob hoover Combined 09/24/2019
jakob friborg Combined 09/19/2019
james armstrong Combined 06/04/2019
james kandebo Combined 10/12/2019
jan albin Combined 07/07/2019
jason emmerton Combined 06/18/2018
jaxon craig Combined 02/19/2019
jeff evans Combined 02/07/2018
jeffrey -jigs- kroesen Combined 10/31/2017
jimmie harvey Combined 10/03/2018
jordy ramone Combined 09/01/2018
josh livingston ** Combined 09/04/2017
justin williams Combined 08/21/2019
kevin hare Combined 06/16/2018
kirill nekrasov Combined 10/08/2019
kristina kramer Combined 01/19/2018
kuba gajda ** Combined 10/07/2017
kyle cherry Combined 08/05/2018
kyle hughes Combined 10/11/2019
leszek deneka Combined 01/01/2019
marcus andrews Combined 10/16/2019
marcus payne Combined 06/17/2019
marko koponen Combined 07/22/2019
marlon moreno Combined 11/24/2018
martin arnold Combined 10/05/2019
massimo mastrogiacomo Combined 10/13/2019
matt horvath Combined 08/28/2019
matt morales Combined 11/13/2017
max garnot Combined 09/14/2019
michael papas Combined 10/07/2019
mike rodriguez Combined 06/12/2019
mike schneider Combined 10/13/2019
nate worrall Combined 08/21/2018
nick iovannoni Combined 12/12/2018
nico welmer Combined 10/18/2019
oli johnson Combined 12/30/2018
orhun oner Combined 10/02/2019
owen rogers Combined 05/28/2019
pablo romasanta Combined 06/27/2019
pat travers Combined 08/31/2019
paul herbert Combined 01/19/2018
phil oertel Combined 12/02/2017
rafal tkaczyk Combined 02/12/2019
ralf knappe Combined 06/01/2019
ralph aloia Combined 07/29/2019
regan cadd Combined 06/02/2019
rei nakamura Combined 11/01/2017
ricardo luz ** Combined 10/03/2017
rich gray Combined 02/04/2018
rob hooper ** Combined 09/26/2017
rob tyers Combined 09/09/2019
robert janis Combined 06/09/2018
roland mann Combined 10/09/2018
ry fillman Combined 05/08/2019
ryan wood Combined 05/20/2019
sam tromsa Combined 09/29/2018
sam yarmuth Combined 08/08/2018
scott eckstein Combined 11/01/2018
sean dawson Combined 10/16/2019
sean scott Combined 06/15/2018
sean stanton Combined 10/02/2018
shawn fairweather Combined 09/15/2018
stefan kominsky Combined 10/04/2019
steven kenyon Combined 08/06/2019
tanner caruthers Combined 08/31/2019
thomas krutzler Combined 05/20/2019
timothy marchant Combined 10/02/2019
tom rackow Combined 10/01/2018
tom bontempo Combined 02/19/2018
tom brandli Combined 09/10/2018
tom clellen Combined 09/09/2018
tyler williamson Combined 06/11/2019
wade rice Combined 03/18/2019
wesley lyons Combined 10/15/2019
will butler Combined 01/26/2019
willem termote Combined 11/23/2017
willem-jan kneepkens Combined 12/23/2018
zach ahern Combined 10/25/2017
zack nelson Combined 06/18/2019

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