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Andrew Philips
Andrew is a fan of Comeback Kid. Check out this insane little collection.
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Botond Limbacher
Botond has gone big when it comes to his With Honor collection. CT brotherhood in a far, far away place. One could say he was very AMBITIOUS in his goal. That a took a lot of ENERGY to track it down. But that's just some ...
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Brian Murphy
This guy has been collecting since 1999. He has some decent stuff, some great stuff, and some real wack filler. Make sure to peep his sweet Nikes too.
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Carsten Kentschke
As we all know YOT is one of best straight edge hardcore bands ever. Carsten's collection goes a step towards proving that.
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Chip Walbert
Some dudes love Wishingwell gear. Some dudes love schism. Some dudes love Bane gear. Then there's Chip. He loves everything mid 90s.
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Chris Casali
This guy has a wife and some swank condo and still his Wishingwell shirt collection puts anything you have to shame.
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Christoph Lüpold
This guy is down with Teamwork records, and while he doesn't have them all, he sure does have enough.
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What can really be said about Cooch and his collection? Not much really. It's all way too much to take in. For a proper schooling, check out the collection
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Dan Kersey
Dan could probably be called Mr. Down To Nothing. This band has a ton of designs. Dan has most of those bases covered. Very nice.
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Dan Veldhuizen
This man is obsessed. Tear It Up lived a short but expansive life. Dan has got it all. It's pretty damn impressive.
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Dennis DealWithIt
Lots and lots of rare Striking Distance goodies. You know you want.
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Dobek Ohashi
Dobek Ohashi is a polish kid who currently resides in the UK. Soon enough, he'll be moving to Japan. You can only guess what an ecclectic collection he has.
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Jack Labarca
Without CT, the face of modern straight edge hardcore would be completely different. You know this, I know this. Jack shows his CT pride with this one.
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Jan van der Dam
This european has a very unhealthy fascination with Dead by 23 records. Very unhealthy.
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Jeff Lasich
Jeff is known from coast to coast for his zine, Start Today Fanzine. After viewing these pics, most people will also recognize him for his awesome collection.
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Jeff Leighton
Jeff is from the West Coast and rightly so, represents Carry On. Look inside for some ridiculous, never before seen items.
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Jimmy Harvey
Some people own a few Converge shirts. Most own at least one. Jimmy owns about 40. Throw in a ton of hoods and other gear, and he has one killer collection.
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Joel Willison
Terror is a band from LA. If you don't know who Terror is, you must live under a rock. Joel knows Terror, Joel loves Terror.
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Justin Taylor
Justin's collection speaks for itself. If you like Comeback Kid, you will like this collection.
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Here's an eclectic collection. Shelter to Devo. He tried to class up the Devo collection, but I censored it. Devo can stand without the help of xCrucialx vinyl, in my book.
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Konrad Fischer
You may recall Konrad from such fine zines as Wise Up, ... When not putting together top notch issues, you can find this guy scouring ebay and setting up trades.
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Kurt Wilson
Hailing from CT, this kid represents his state well. Notice the endless streams of CT hardcore, including Fastbreak and Tenfold.
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Kyle Hughes
Kyle has the mid 90s on lockdown. Awesome.
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Marcus Krueger
Fresh from across the ocean, Markus comes packing ROTP heat.
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Nick Pioggia
One of Boston's finest edgeman, Nick has a sweet collection going. If you like mint XClaim items, check out the collection.
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Orhun has shirts. Lots of shirts. You've seen him on ebay. He's outbid you on every shirt you ever dreamed of owning. He now owns them. You should probably just give up those dreams.
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Paolo Billia
Back when you were chilling on the playground, Paolo was collecting records. This Italian is holding it down. Enjoy.
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Ryan Matticola
Ryan is a big A Life Once Lost fan. Check the pics and you will see for yourself.
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Scott Pesek
Hows your collection? According to this guy, "Pretty damn good, thanks!" He's been collecting since 1997, and has watched records come and go. These are the ones that stuck.
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Stefan Sonic
For a while, I thought having multiple copies of a record was ridiculous. Stefan Sonic has the complete opposite idea.
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Stefano Milani
I thought I was a big Chain Of Strength fan. Shit, compared to this guy, we are all noobs.
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Thomas Krutzler
Thomas has the goods. No doubt. Every youth crew fan will drool over these pics. Please wipe the drool off the keyboard please.
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Troy Oliver
Troy has a little obsession. Some days it is Blood For Blood. Other days, it is The Misfits. Feel free to browse.
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