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Animal Instinct - Stick Like Glue - Take It Back Records #001 - 2009
  -- Thursday, October 15, 2009

Animal Instinct is hard. They make me think of Judge. That is if Judge had been formed in Cleveland instead of New York. I can definitely see Animal Instinct splitting a bill with early Integrity & Confront. Maybe playing Chubby's bday bash with PX (was that all one show?).

Also, Animal Instinct just dropped this EP on a new record label out of Switzerland, Take It Back Records. This record label is run by at least one solid dude. Christian Unsinn is a name I can recall for well over 10 years. I probably first saw him pop up on the old xmulletx swap site (and possibly the message board). Over the years, he has worked on lots of cool projects, including the GLWDRK magazine I reviewed years back. Seems like a solid dude with a solid game plan:
TAKE IT BACK is a new label dedicated to hardcore/punk. TAKE IT BACK is not about ringtones and wallpapers, it’s not about weekly newsletters. It’s about being active within the hardcore/punk community, it’s about friendship, and most important: it’s about fun.

TAKE IT BACK supports a vegetarian lifestyle.
I can back ALL of these things. And it feels like Animal Instinct can too. Their style is hard, but you definitely get a "we're doing this for all the right reasons" vibe from their sound. There is a very genuine attitude to the whole thing.

My one b33f is with the artwork. Upon first glance, I thought I was seeing a Straight Ahead rip off. But it's not. Instead, there is a jaguar crushing the throat of the king of the jungle. Subconsciously, I then equated this album to one upping the Straight Ahead 12" EP. We all know that is not possible. That album is unfuckwithable. No doubt. Likely, I'm reading too much into it. Plus, the fold out poster insert is awesome -- very frameable.

Head on over to the myspace pages to pick up the EP. Grab me a white tee in medium while you are at it. And if that doesn't work for you, try your luck on Ebay. You never know what you may find.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
this is indeed one of the better 7's from 2009. definitely worth picking up!
but: christian unsinn a solid dude? at best as solid as a fart.
12/19/2009 03:41:00 PM  

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