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React Records Update!
  -- Monday, March 16, 2009

Aram coming through with some more info.
I just want to remind everyone that orders for the Gone But Not Forgotten demo and Effort Fanzine #2 are up now.

We only have about 100 of each left so make sure to stop by our myspace and get your order in! Beyond the demo or zine, we have some new shirt designs and are offering 3 great package deals:

PACKAGE #1: GBNF demo and GBNF shirt

PACKAGE #2: Effort fanzine and a REACT! shirt of your choice

PACKAGE #3: GBNF demo and shirt, Effort fanzine, and a REACT! shirt of your choice

If you aren't familiar with GBNF or Effort Fanzine then flex your head on this:

GBNF: In 2008 long time friends Face (Get the Most), Paul DC (Sinking Ships), and Jamie King (giant dude) decided to start a new bad that focused on writing fast HARDcore in the vein of Floorpunch, No For An Answer, and Brotherhood. Rounding out the line-up with Kyle (Get the Most) and Garret (The Answer, Vanguard) GBNF entered the studio and recorded the 8 song, "Seattle Crew" demo. The demo is available for free on-line but due to the serious awesomeness of it we’ve decided to do a one time only TAPE pressing of it. Both the demo art and the song UNFORGIVEN have been posted on our myspace so check it out.

If you have yet to hear GBNF then check them out

EFFORT FANZINE: Taking cues from classics like Boiling Point and Schism, as well as current mainstays like Start Today, long time friends Kalle (Go for Broke, Send in the Clones fanzine) and Ulf (Balance, Go for Broke, Changes fanzine) teamed up to create Effort fanzine. Setting the bar high in regards to both content and aesthetics, Effort delivers thoughtful and insightful documentation of our scene and our ideas. A lot of people missed out on the first issue due to the high cost of postage from Europe so I’m excited to announce that REACT! has partnered up with Effort to release issue #2 here in North America. Issue #2 is 76 pages and includes interviews with Mindset, Anthony Pappalardo, The First Step, and Justice as well as articles, reviews, opinions, and tons of great shots. Check it.


React Records Does It Again!
  -- Friday, March 06, 2009

Aram is on the fast track to hardcore success. His record label, React Records works with all the hot, upcoming bands. The products that flow from his HQ are flawless. You can tell every release is given his utmost attention. And to top it all off, he's one hell of a nice guy.

Check out the latest package for the MINDSET EP.

Just check out the quality gear here. An EP on white vinyl with a super glossy insert, a rad React Records poster, a React Records tshirt and a React Records crewneck sweatshirt. Nothing is more pos than a white crewneck sweatshirt!

And check the "throwaway EP packer!" Hand screened goodness. Aram has really gone above and beyond on this one. Plus, the letter from Sean Youngblood seems to cut to the core of Aram's goals. "Take a break, appreciate before this lifetime slips away."

At this point, if you aren't fully supporting Aram and React Records, I'm going to have to reconsider being your friend. Get into it.


Wait In Vain are Searching for a Permanent Drummer...
  -- Thursday, March 05, 2009

If you live in the Northwest and know your way around a drum kit, this is something that should make you go hmmm ...
Up until now, the band has been flying long time friend Keith Sidorowicz (Ambitions, Energy) from NY to Seattle for tours and one off shows. Keith is now the permanent drummer for Energy and is unable to do the touring that Wait In Vain has planned for the rest of the year. Rather than find a fill in for each tour, Wait In Vain is looking to add a permanent drummer that is willing to tour throughout the rest of 2009 and beyond. Email for details if interested.

Wait In Vain features members of Trial, Champion and Sinking Ships and released their debut LP "Seasons" on Think Fast! Records /Panic Records in July.
Get into it!


HYE Loves Free Spirit ...
  -- Wednesday, March 04, 2009

and Rival Mob and Cruel Hand and Step Forward and ... Go to these shows.

Friday March 6th
Haverhill, MA
at Anchors Up - 58 River St.
6 pm 10 dollars


Saturday March 7th
Doylestown, PA
at THE MOOSE - 127 East State Street
5:30 pm 8 dollars



Trial Returns to Your Hometown! ...

I just received some very interesting news from Timm of Panic Records & Trial:
Trial announce plans for more shows in 2009

Trial have announced they'll be playing a show in Seattle on April 22nd with 108, Pulling Teeth, Wait In Vain and Parasitic Skies. In addition to the April 22nd show, Trial will be playing the Burning Fight Fest in Chicago on May 2nd. Trial has also hinted at shows in Europe, South America and additional shows in the US later this year.

Panic Records will be releasing the 10 Year Anniversary Expanded Edition of the Trial 1999 CD/LP "Are These Our Lives?" this spring in time for the Seattle and Chicago shows.
Get psyched!


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