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Remember the Anthrax Club? ...
  -- Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chris Daily has teamed up with the Sheridan brothers to bring us a new book about the famous Anthrax Club of Connecticut. It's ramping up in 2009 and headed to a bookshelf near you before you know it.

Remember the Anthrax Club?

Some of you may remember me and some of you will have no clue. My name is Chris Daily, and I used to do a few zines (Skate Confusion and Smorgasbord) back in the 80's, as well as a record label. The first release was a comp 7" recorded with Jeff R in the Anthrax on 01/24/1988.

The Anthrax Club was a place that we all spent a lot of time at. A club that brought live music into our lives at a crucial point in our adolescence. The bands that played there, the photos we all have seen, the flyers and the genius booking schedules…amazing.

For years I have thought about doing a book that would document the history and the excitement we all felt. 2009 brings that desire to a head. In talking with the owners, Shaun and Brian Sheridan, we agreed; a book is great idea. They are on board and pulling things out of storage. You have no idea how excited I am.

Without wasting any more of your time, I'd like to direct you to a web page announcing the project. I have spoken to a few of the old regulars but I want to document every one's experience. Please take a look at the page, I am searching for anything you may have or remember that will make the story of the Anthrax Club more complete.

I hope to hear from you soon.

As for me, I don't remember. I was age 6 in 1985. I was down with matchbox cars and Michael Jackson's Thriller album. But if you were there, hit up Daily as he's a good dude with a great idea.


December 2008: An Ebay Wrap Up ...
  -- Sunday, January 11, 2009

2008 had highs and lows, as far as ebay and hardcore is concerned. We saw Wishingwell shirts sell for an ungodly amount. We also saw Youth Of Today shirts sell for pennies on the dollar. People were sleeping and people were bum rushing the queue. All in all, it barely made any sense to me. But 2008 is over and done with, and here's the last wrap up for '08. There's a couple of gems in here. Check it.

Click here to see the rest of the steals and deals ...
2008 had highs and lows, as far as ebay and hardcore is concerned. We saw Wishingwell shirts sell for an ungodly amount. We also saw Youth Of Today shirts sell for pennies on the dollar. People were sleeping and people were bum rushing the queue. All in all, it barely made any sense to me. But 2008 is over and done with, and here's the last wrap up for '08. There's a couple of gems in here. Check it.

PX acetate screen "thing" - $26

Al made up some shirts in his basement and 15 years later, made $26 on the negative films, or something like that. Not bad at all, Al!

Original NFAA shirt, beat - $10.50

Wow, this one was beat. Great design, but beat. Too bad.

Bootleg YOT Youth Crew 88 tee - $8.50

Quality looking bootleg, if that's your bag. Good price for a white tee regardless of what's printed on it.

American Nightmare Hood (featured last month, unsold) - $45.00

This one was the re-list from last month's wrap up. Last time, it didn't meet the reserve (it ended at $33). This time it hit $45. I think I deserve a cut, right! ;)

Bootleg Schism Logo tee - $46.00

I've always wanted an original Schism logo tee. I've never see one though. Hell, I've barely ever seen boots. I bid on this a few times, but once it started peaking over $40, I tossed in the towel. No thanks, dudes. If anyone has a legit Schism logo tee, hook it up!

Bootleg Chain Of Strength True Til Death - $41.00

Another boot. Another outrageous price.

H2O water drop ringer (OLD) - $6.50

Old H2O tee. Guess kids aren't into XL ringers. Weird.

Original Smorgasbord Records 10th Anniversary tee - $38.99

Old Smorgasbord records tee. Fun fact. There is a rumor that kids would buy the 10th anniversary tee shirts (From 97, I think), then cut the sleeves off. They would then sew a sleeve from a color matched shirt back on, giving them an '87 styled tee. What about that??

Original Burn Shall Be Judged tee - $63.51

Great tee. Great tee. No doubt about it. It looks a little beat, but well worth the amount spent. I hope the new owner wears it with pride.

Have Heart Crew Neck - $41.00

This band has chill merch. And for some reason, it almost always resells for ridiculous amounts of money. Take this crewneck. It's less than a year old. In fact, they may still sell them on their tour. Wowza.

Right Brigade Boiling Point rip tee - $17.39

I think this one must have slid under the wire. Weird.

Bold Speak Out tee - $32.00

Here's a quality tee. Sharp logo, great look, no weird blurry Matt picture either.

Original American Nightmare Demo - $58.00

This makes me want to sell my american nightmare demo. YIKES!

Original (??) Sick Of It All Tour 89 tee - $7.50

The seller claimed this tee was original. I am doubting that. It's easily 19 years old. No way that shirt would have held up that well. No way. Great shirt though.

Bold Speak Out tee - $38.03

Hey look, another Bold Speak Out tee. This one clocks in for 6 more dollars than the last one. Not too shabby.

Bane Zip Logo hood - $8.41

I've got a bit of a Bane buying habit. That's not too bad when a hooded sweatshirt sells for less than $10. If anyone has one that I don't have, look me up. I want yours.

Ten Yard Fight first (or early) tee - $20.50

Plain and simple. It says what needs saying and leaves crappy graphics blowing in the wind. This shirt is probably 11-12 years old. Looks great.

Original Uniform Choice WW shirt - $0.99

This lasted for about 2 days on ebay. MAYBE. Probably less. Someone must have offered a good BIN price because the seller yanked it down. Anyone know how much it went for?

Andrew Thomas SXE CO tee - $0.50

No bids. Funny story: I became straight edge in early 1998. Prior to that, I didn't want to purchase any tees that screamed STRAIGHT EDGE. During March of 1998, I drove to Detroit Fest (held in Wayne, Michigan, oddly enough) with 2 great friends. It was at this event that I decided it would be ok to purchase straight edge gear. Andrew Thomas CO had a merch table set up (probably wedged between a vegan cookie table and a zine table) and I grabbed one of their shirts. Actually, they had a portable clothing rack with shirts on hangers. High class! The first sxe shirt I purchased is the one pictured above. Oddly, that seller could have purchased it from me a few years ago and decided to resell it now. Who knows? Second fun fact: People referred to this shirt as my "Hampton Beach Straight Edge Shirt." LOL!

Floorpunch long sleeve - $85.00

This is a fine way to wrap up December. This one ended on the last day and sort of chafed my ass. The seller purchased this shirt straight from Bill Punch during a phase where Bill sold all his remaining FP tees. Now I know the seller didn't pay Bill Punch even half that much for that tee. I actually tried to get it from Bill when he was selling it originally but he already promised it to this other kid. And crap, this kid sells it on ebay a few months later, likely unworn. Damn it.

So there you have it. That's December 2008. Some steals, some deals, some general wackiness. Until next month ...


News from Panic Records!
  -- Monday, January 05, 2009

Timm is holding it down in the northwest. Check out the latest news from Panic Records.

Panic Records Welcomes The Golden Age and Final Fight!

Panic Records is ecstatic to be working with The Golden Age and Final Fight for their perspective new releases. There is nothing better than being able to release records by bands who you truly admire and consider friends. Having been fans of both bands previous records, shows and hang outs...this is truly why Panic Records exists. To release bands that are considered friends and rage.

Final Fights' second full length recording "Half Head, Full Shred" will be released early February on Limited 12' vinyl through Panic Records. "Half Head, Full Shred" is 12 songs that show a more mature and complex sound than anything Final Fight has produced, making it their proudest accomplishment to date. You can listen to the new tracks on their myspace player

The Golden Age will be releasing a limited 7" entitled "Time And Distance" early March on Panic Records, followed shorty by the release of their second full length recording also to be released by Panic Records. The latest batch of songs buries their previous effort "Carry The Torch" (Words Of War Records) which was one of the best melodic hardcore records to come out in a long time, so you know these new songs rule. The Golden Age has put up "Meanwhile" from the "Time And Distance" 7" on their myspace player, give it a listen,
And now you know!


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