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News from the No Harms Done / Offsides Camp
  -- Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Charles hit me up with some great new info concerning two bands he is in: No Harm Done and Offsides. Check it!
Here is some info for a new No Harm Done / Offsides "Split". Both bands have new tracks up, just starting today, and are touring a ton. No Harm Done is out for three months, just finishing a month with Static Radio before picking up Offsides and continuing on. Offsides joins July 1.

Tour Info

Split EP

SFR-005 - No Harm Done/Offsides Split 7"

Seafoam Recordings & In My Heart Records are proud to announce that preorders are now up here for the No Harm Done / Offsides split 7". The split features 3 new songs from both bands. Check out "Goodbye" from No Harm Done here & "With Great Honor" from Offsides here. We are doing a special for the preorders, for $20 shipped in the US, you get all 3 colors of the NHD/Offsides split and 2 other Seafoam 7"s (Year One 7" & Altus/AKNT Split 7").
There you have it. Go out and support these rad bands & labels. Do it.



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