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Ebay Wrap: April & May 2009 Edition ...
  -- Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lets just get right into it. April was semi slow, but if you dug deep enough, you could really score some gems for cheap. Somethings sold for surprisingly cheap, while others skyrocketed. It's the signs of the times, I guess.

Mouthpiece - Early shirt - $11

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Lets just get right into it. April was semi slow, but if you dug deep enough, you could really score some gems for cheap. Somethings sold for surprisingly cheap, while others skyrocketed. It's the signs of the times, I guess.

Mouthpiece - Early shirt - $11

This shirt is classic. Classic logo, classic design, classic colourway. It breaks my heart that it only sold for $11. Kids are slipping.

Down To Nothing - Hanging Out Is What We Do Best - $30

Now this shirt by Down To Nothing is a current classic. I really enjoy this shirt. The font is nice and big, easy to read from across the room, and the message is great. A nice feature is that it DOES NOT SAY Down To Nothing on it. What about that? Great shirt.

War Hungry - Patriotic Warthog 2006 - $7

Just another quality looking tshirt. Every time I peep this shirt, the Warzone Super Bowl of Hardcore tee comes to mind. I'm 100% positive that was the inspiration for this one. Great shirt.

Floorpunch - Play Like A Champion - $31

Here's a laid back Floorpunch shirt. No mention of "Straight Edge" but that's cool, I guess. I think if the logo had been screened on straighter, it would have jacked the price higher. A great tee. Anyone got one in Large for me?

National Edge Day 2008 - $26

This shirt rules. No doubt. Jay Bil designed this one up. And then Jason Barrow GAVE them away to any kid who walked into Anchors Up that was X'ed up. What about that? He gave away these shirts. Great shirt.

Floorpunch - Final Mosh Tee - $72.00

The Final Mosh tee. Not many were made. Probably a top 5 show for me. Such an amazing time. Check youtube for the video. It was bananas start to finish. Great show, great 3 sided tee. Pretty decent price too.

Revelation Records - Embroidered Crewneck - $13

In the mid 90s, Rev Records was big on embroidery. Maybe everyone was, but I distinctly remember Rev doing all sorts of embroidered stuff. I specifically recall an Into Another hoodie at my local Bull Moose. It was there for months. It was a XXL maroon hoodie with the giant Into Another star logo embroidered on it in a deep purple. Such a wackie hood. I wish I had picked it up. I wish I had not slept on this crewneck too. Crewneck - Crucial. Revelation Records - Crucial. Embroidered - ... Crucial? Well, at least it's pretty fucking awesome.

Have Heart - Boston Straight Edge Sweatshirt - $22.50

Have Heart - Boston Straight Edge Longsleeve - $10.50

It seems weird to me that these two Have Heart items went for so cheap. Maybe the market is saturated, but I would have expected them to jump in price with the break up rumors coming true. Great design, and a HUGE "Straight Edge." You know I like that.

Right Brigade - Boiling Point Rip - $12.21

Right Brigade is awesome. So is this tee. Someone got a steal for a lousy $12. That's the price of 3 lattes from Starbucks. Someone won big.

Chain Of Strength - One Sided, No X - $52.91

I was pretty curious to see what this tee would do. I spotted it on ebay and took it for an older boot. That's the case. Turns out it is an early to mid 90s Chris Kelly (97A, Straight and Alert Fanzine) boot. Quality repro, no doubt. If it hadn't broken the $40 mark, I would have snagged it. WAY better than that Hundreds x Chain Of Strength collab.

Right Idea - Demo Tee - $13.00

I love this band. Great tee too.

Follow Through - Smorgasbord Tee - $10.00

Another simple, classic tee. Too bad it's pit stained. Maybe that'll oxyclean out. Good luck to the winner on that one. A great tee, regardless. Follow Through Crew!

Uniform Choice - 2 Sided, Older Wishingwell Design - $60.00

Here's an older Uniform Choice shirt. It's not 4 or even 3 sided, but it's still damn cool. I was a little surprised at how low it ended honestly. Like I said, kids are crazy. And since Casali already owns one, you didn't have to fight him for it!

American Nightmare/Bane/Mouthpiece/Reach The Sky @ CBGBs - Print#38/50 - $20.50

Here we see another Jay Bil masterpiece. Funny note from the auction:

The print is numbered 38of50 and signed by "Jay Balls" (no idea what that stands for, sorry if it's obvious).

That made me laugh. Jay Bil kills it with this one. I contemplated picking it up as the one I have is roughed up, but I slept. Look at that lineup! So ridic. CBGBS rip.

Texas Is The Reason - Longsleeve - $14.75

Remember when bright orange XL longsleeves were the rage? Or maybe a dark mustard XXL tee. Wow. This is a cool longsleeve but the color is a little too wild for most. That could explain the price tag it ended with. Good pick up for the winner of that one.

Side By Side - Demo Boot Tee - $3.25

Side By Side rules. This demo tee was always a little silly for my taste, but you can't knock Side By Side. A great repro that went wildly under the radar.

Hardware Fanzine - XXX - $10.65

Straight from the Jersey Shore, Hardware Fanzine came with this great shirt. The fanzine put out two shirts. Both are great. I like the grey one a little more. I'm pretty anti-partial to black shirts at this point. Give me ash grey or white.

Cold World - Bape Rip - $13.20

Cold World always hit hard in the merch arena. They always had some sort of crazy rip off tee. Whether it was North Face, Side By Side or BAPE, they always put out a great shirt. This one is nice in that it is SIMPLE. A one color BAPE rip off. I like it (even though it is a black tee).

X-Rated Swatch - $199 BIN

Bidding started at $99 for this watch and it didn't move for days. Then someone jumped on that BIN price and got themselves a great looking watch. Condition seems great. Good for them.

Sick Of It All - Blood Sweat Tears Longsleeve - $11.50

What's the deal with this longsleeve? I'm just not sure. Was it reprinted at some point? Everyone of these longsleeves I have seen have been beat to shit. I've owned FOUR in my lifetime, and they were all super faded and semi shredded. Either a) this guy found a gem or b) this is some reprint. I know the seller had some boots/repros up at the same time so I just don't know.

There you have it folks. April & May. Good times. Peace.



Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am pretty sure that Mouthpiece shirt was made by Livewire in 2004. Seeing it is an XL and it is a recent reprint, 11 dollars isn't too bad. I bought a Hands Tied tour shirt for 3 dollars last month, that was a much bigger shock to me and the seller.
May 29, 2009 3:27 AM  

Blogger hows yr edge said...
I was talking to Ed. He didn't make the Mouthpiece reprints. Mouthpiece made them for their reunion shows, though. He also thinks this could be a boot. Please notice the back screen is missing the print "A Mold A Frame The Picture's Set." Weird. Boot?
May 29, 2009 9:43 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...
my bad. I went to Posi fest 2004 and I bought from the Livewire/TFS merch table a shit load of Mouthpiece shirts and shorts. That is why I asumed it was Livewire who made them. It was so awesome finally owning a Mouthpiece shirt. Now I have 20 or so. hahaha. You should ask Tim if it is legit
May 29, 2009 4:13 PM  

Blogger brad said...
love catching up on eBay every month via this little 'column' haha.
June 3, 2009 10:48 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You can get that Sick Of It All longsleeve at
June 9, 2009 11:27 PM  

Blogger hows yr edge said...
Ah, thank you. I knew it couldn't be OG.
June 10, 2009 8:27 AM  

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