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Lions Lions Signs to Panic Records
  -- Thursday, April 23, 2009

Timm's always keeping me up to date on his great label. Here's another news item for you all to check out.
Panic Records signs Bostons' Lions Lions.

Breaking out of the Boston scene, Lions Lions have grown more in their first year of existence than most bands do in their entire careers. Since forming in 2008, Lions Lions have kept themselves busy with playing any and every show that comes their way. In just one year, the band has played well over 100 shows in support of their 2008 debut EP "Direction", every audience giving them incredible response and support.

Although Lions Lions are a new band, the members are veterans of the local music community. Growing up in a scene that has fostered their growth, the members of Lions Lions have spent time in other notable Boston bands such as Vanna, Therefore I Am and A Loss For Words.

Lions Lions are not about being some sort of super band, they are a band that takes what they've already created and expand on it. Each member draws influence from the musically diverse background that Boston is and melds it into a sound that appeals to fans of many genres of music.

Having accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, Lions Lions are ready to take on the next step and have signed with Panic Records to release their debut LP.

Entitled "From What We Believe", Lions Lions will be entering Webster Lake Studios in MA (Four Year Strong, Energy, Therefore I Am) with Chris Curran to lay down 10 new tracks that will be produced by Dan O'Conner and Alan Day (Four Year Strong).

The results should be nothing short of incredible considering the hands on the project and the band backing it up, Lions Lions.
Good stuff.



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