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News from Panic Records!
  -- Monday, January 05, 2009

Timm is holding it down in the northwest. Check out the latest news from Panic Records.

Panic Records Welcomes The Golden Age and Final Fight!

Panic Records is ecstatic to be working with The Golden Age and Final Fight for their perspective new releases. There is nothing better than being able to release records by bands who you truly admire and consider friends. Having been fans of both bands previous records, shows and hang outs...this is truly why Panic Records exists. To release bands that are considered friends and rage.

Final Fights' second full length recording "Half Head, Full Shred" will be released early February on Limited 12' vinyl through Panic Records. "Half Head, Full Shred" is 12 songs that show a more mature and complex sound than anything Final Fight has produced, making it their proudest accomplishment to date. You can listen to the new tracks on their myspace player

The Golden Age will be releasing a limited 7" entitled "Time And Distance" early March on Panic Records, followed shorty by the release of their second full length recording also to be released by Panic Records. The latest batch of songs buries their previous effort "Carry The Torch" (Words Of War Records) which was one of the best melodic hardcore records to come out in a long time, so you know these new songs rule. The Golden Age has put up "Meanwhile" from the "Time And Distance" 7" on their myspace player, give it a listen,
And now you know!



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