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HYE Loves Radio Silence ...
  -- Thursday, October 30, 2008

If you don't know, now you know ...

Picture by Jesse Untracht-Oakner

AP says:

Radio Silence Portraits are up now from LA and NYC

Click here for info! You can order prints from Flickr too!

Take care

Picture by Jesse Untracht-Oakner

Keep your eyes peeled for more release parties and hit up the gallery to see pics straight from the book. Keep checking for more details.


New Feature: A Day in The Life with Charles Get Outta Town Records ...
  -- Monday, October 20, 2008

Here's a new feature. Every now and then, I'm going to bring you a Day in the Life with some of your favorite people in the hardcore scene. You may think they live that rock star lifestyle -- partying all night, hanging with dimes, getting ill mid 80s EPs for cheap. If you know that person, introduce him to me, I could use some old tees. In reality, these guys are like you me. They bust their ass to make ends meet and pay the bills. AND somehow, they still manage to promote the scene and better their local community. For starters, I give you Charles Chaussinand. Everything you read after this was written by him. See how he rolls.

Get Outta Town Records is a single man operation run out of my apartment in Orlando, Fl. I have been running the label for about three years and in that time done 16 releases. The label, coupled with my mastering studio, is the only jobs I have on a day to day basis. With the recent decline in people buying music, it gets tougher and tougher to run the label as a self sustaining business, but I guess I will just keep doing that until it no longer can work. I really take little to no money out of the label for living expenses and just try and keep things rolling to get cool releases out.

Each day, I get up around 8:00AM and begin by checking my emails and replying to everyone that is on a different time zone than I am. I get enough emails in a day to make answering them nearly a full time job in itself. I try and get the bulk of my responding and contacting done in the morning to free up the rest of the day for promotion or whatever the day needs. Today, I had to work on artwork for an upcoming Kid Dynamite Tribute release I am doing with Black Numbers Records. I really have no digital graphics skill, but I am forced to handle everything I can in doing a small label, so I push my skill to its limits. I usually do the mastering on my releases, so I usually send out files that need approval by the bands in the morning as well.

Once the emails are cleared out, I start seeing what I need to do either for an upcoming release or for a form of promotion. I utilize a lot of free promotion on message boards and submit-able online news sites where I can. Most of the print ads I design myself, so sometimes this time in the day is dedicated to working on that. Usually, a written out promotional update is what I work on and make sure it gets posted pretty much everywhere I can think to put it. Every few that I post, I go back through and bump the previous ones to make sure people get to see them. Luckily, there are sites like HOWSYOUREDGE and PASTEPUNK that people will post your news up because they are just kind enough to want to help. I also try and think of cool stuff I can promote or push through my distributor, RevHQ. They are the nicest and most helpful people I've ever met. They really go out of their way to help smaller labels and to make sure you're happy with what is going on. I can be certain that they have a lot of larger labels then Get Outta Town Records that send them more emails then I do, but they always get back to anything I write them almost immediately and are always interested in doing fun pushes on records.

If I haven't got promotion to do, I am usually working on something for a new release. I recently had to track down all of the members I could from Violent Children so that I could ask them about a re-issue that I had the idea of doing. Not an easy task to find some of these guys. Anytime I get a release idea, I write it down in my smartphone and try and think of the feasibility of what my idea is. I like making the releases a little different. I like to include something extra in the vinyl releases, like the Kill Your Idols box set that includes five 7"s, a booklet, 6.5" x 6.5" two color screened poster, sticker, pin and patch, or the insert that is a full color poster for Attitude.

There is a good amount of thought that goes into that stuff, as well as personal care. I designed the poster for the Attitude LP's, though I have my aforementioned limited graphics skill, and I screen printed the posters, patches, stickers and put the whole box together for the Kill Your Idols release. With CDs it is more difficult because of the limited space and the releases being shrink-wrapped when they get to me. I try to do some cool artwork with them or maybe include some cool tracks or something. I can certainly say that I don't put out any records that I don't like. Many labels will go on band hype or doing something they think will really sell just because it will really sell, but I only work with bands that put out records that I would buy. While I run a business, I always thought that was what defined hardcore were people doing things because they wanted to and not because of "members of" or whatever else. Seems to sometimes be going the opposite way and great bands get overlooked while others get recognition for little effort.

By this time in the day, my roommate is usually getting off of work and, lately, we've been playing racquetball a bunch. Fun game if you haven't played. When we get back from that, I check my emails again and answer as many as I have. I make myself dinner, watch a few episodes of MacGyver off of my DVD collections, and then go to bed with my cats to get up the next day and do it again. Some may say I have a glamorous life, even, the most glamorous. I say to this, yes, I do.

Thanks for reading about what I do with my label and if you have any questions on how to start a label on your own, please get in touch with me. Too few kids are putting out records these days. Buy music from bands and labels and support your local scene. Thank you for your support. -- my band

-Charles / Get Outta Town Records

Sweet. Charles is a dude. Support!

PS. All photos by Charles on his "crappy cellphone." LOL!


Kid Dynamite Tribute Album in the Works ...

Black Numbers and Get Outta Town Records are pleased to officially announce the Kid Dynamite Tribute Carry the Torch for a spring 2009 release. The album has been in the works for sometime and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. The full length will feature 33 tracks from bands including:

This is Hell
Broadway Calls
No Trigger
Static Radio NJ
The Ergs!
The Geeks
No Harm Done
This Time Next Year
and more!

A complete list and frequent updates can be found online at, so be sure to add us. The album will be released both on CD (Get Outta Town Records) and LP (Black Numbers Records) and will include liner notes by Kid Dynamite founders Dan Yemin and Dave Wagenschutz. Portions of both CD and vinyl pressings will go to benefit Callum Robbins so please be supportive.

The LP will have a first pressing of 1000 copies and be on three different colors with a press run of 200 gold, 300 white and 500 black. There will be a special vinyl package including different covers and colors that will also be available.

The LP will be available through Lumberjack Distribution and the Black Numbers Records webstore. CD copies can be purchased through Revelation Distribution and Get Outta Town Records. Itunes and major digital retailers will also be carrying the entire album.

Believe it or not, a few songs on the album are still available, so interested bands should please get in contact with us via the myspace.


National Edge Day 2008
  -- Friday, October 17, 2008


I am straight edge.



Noteworthy: The Week Of October 13th ...
  -- Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First and foremost. National Edge Day is Friday. This'll be the 9th anniversary of Edge Day. Obv, time fucking flies!

National Edge Day (Observed) will be celebrated this Saturday. Go to Haverhill Mass and hit up Anchors Up. I suggest everyone make an attempt to get to this show early. The first two bands are going to blow some minds. Free Spirit! No Tolerance! Word.

Second. When friends of mine put together a creative outlet, you fully know I am going to support and push their venture as hard as I can. In the upcoming months, you'll see more and more of this on the front page: promotion for new bands, or top notch record labels (get ready for a sweet Get Outta Town Records feature), along with every other outlet you can imagine.

This week, HYE is highlighting Trumbull Magazine. Owen and Sam are name brand dudes with a vast collective history of awesome. They are pulling on their fanzine routes and creating an upper echelon magazine for the masses. But don't think they've forgotten their roots. This magazine will feature interviews with scene favorites (what did we learn??), skins, sneakers, models plus so much more.

Check out the interview I managed to squeeze out of their busy schedules. Plus, keep checking their site for news and updates.

That's all for now. Peace.


This Week On Ebay: Shirts and Show Memorabilia
  -- Thursday, October 09, 2008

I haven't done a cool ebay wrap up in a bit so lets get back to it. I recall many people were fans of this segment, but I've been busy. I've actually been surfing ebay a lot less lately. Weird.

But lets get back into the swing of things. Here are a few items you may have missed or didn't have the scratch to purchase.

Youth Of Today - Break Down The Walls on blue vinyl - $702

This is a gem. You've all heard the story about how all those Wishingwell records were stolen out of their van. And some that actually made it to stores were melted on porches. OUCH. So this guy is pretty damn limited at this point. If you own both red and blue, you're either a true fan, or someone with DEEP pockets.

Click here for more details ...
I haven't done a cool ebay wrap up in a bit so lets get back to it. I recall many people were fans of this segment, but I've been busy. I've actually been surfing ebay a lot less lately. Weird.

But lets get back into the swing of things. Here are a few items you may have missed or didn't have the scratch to purchase.

Youth Of Today - Break Down The Walls on blue vinyl - $702

This is a gem. You've all heard the story about how all those Wishingwell records were stolen out of their van. And some that actually made it to stores were melted on porches. OUCH. So this guy is pretty damn limited at this point. If you own both red and blue, you're either a true fan, or someone with DEEP pockets.

Cold World - Sound And Fury 08 - $22.50

This one sold for WAY less than I was expecting. I suppose it's only a few months old but it has a ton of things going for it. A) white tees rule! B) white tees with purple ink RULE. C) Big screens, lots of chill mix tapes and sleeve print. D) It's a friggin COLD WORLD tee folks! Cold World merch is usually solid gold as far as ebay goes. No idea. I think it's chill. Maybe kids are against size Large white tees. That's ok. More for me.

In My Eyes - Last Show / Edge Day tee - $20.50

This shirt is cool. I own this particular colorway. Anyone got a maroon and white one for me? There should be a ton of these tees floating around somewhere. I recall seeing BOXES and BOXES of these arrive at the show. More than expected, I think. Maybe they were all bought by Merrimack Valley heads, who knows?

In My Eyes Record Release Pass - $2

This is a cool little souvenir. I don't know, I like it. Then again, I'm a Bane and In My Eyes nerd. But hey, it was only $4 shipped, and it reminds me of some awesome times that were had that night. I still need to get my screened poster framed. Shit. I have to remember to do that.

Youth Of Today - Youth Crew 88 tee - $94.45

I recall buying one of these from Pat a bunch of years ago. It's a dope shirt, no doubt. I then traded mine plus some other stuff for a Floorpunch on gold. SCORE! Besides the wishingwell 4 sided tee, this is probably my favorite YOT shirt. I mean, look at that back image. Rad.

Release - The Pain Inside tee - $122.51

Some of you may not be familiar with Release. That's a shame. Release was dope. I'm sure everyone is familiar with the bands these dudes went on to form. I'm sure everyone has heard of Floorpunch and 108 ... If you haven't, how did you even find this website?? This shirt is pretty rad. White tee, green ink. Classic combo. I've seen shirts in better quality but finding a mint Release shirt is like finding a Honus Wagner card.

X-rated Swatch & Harley Watch lot - $132.50

I watched this auction VERY closely. I was hoping to scoop it for cheap. The seller listed it as an "x-rate" watch. Typing "x-rated" into ebay found no matches. I was hoping to scoop for cheap. Especially consider that 3 of the 4 prongs on one end of the watch had snapped off. If it had stayed cheap, I would have scooped and had the parts for an auto conversion. But it jumped in the end. Someone else must have been smart when searching. I heard the new owner may be a member of the band Energy ... Cool.

And finally.

How's Your Edge? - West Coast Fall 2006 - $1

OOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFF. $1? Seriously, $1? Oh man. That sort of pains me. No big deal, I guess. When I sold them on the west coast, kids loved them. I had some lines to deal with and sold a bunch. I put a lot of effort into them. Hell, they are even on unbleached cotton American Apparel tees! Oh well, someone got themselves a deal.

That's all for this week. We saw highs and lows, scoops and pains. That's ebay, I guess. Peace.


A few Noteworthy Items ...
  -- Friday, October 03, 2008

First, a new interview has been added that collaborates with You need to read up on xChipxSem's ridiculous tshirt collection. Do yourself a favor and go do that now.

Second, The First Step broke up. Boooooo. BUT, after breaking up, they realized they still had some ill merch leftover. Weird sizes, weird selection, but some gems. You should go pick some up before it's gone forever.

Two shows tonight. Lots of choices. If you are in NYC/Brooklyn, got hit up the Radio Silence release / Mind Eraser gigger. If you are in Haverhill MA, come to Anchors Up and peep This Is Hell. I'll be in Haverhill. Word.

And finally, I have a few LPs up on ebay, you should consider buying them ... ooohhh, spammmmy.



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