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Hardcore "Must" Reads ...
  -- Friday, August 29, 2008

Before REALLY starting my day, I like to catch up on what's going on with my friends and hardcore. Here is my list for daily must reads. Of course, I have a few other gems, but you'll have to find them on your own.

First up is Dobek's blog. This guy is a NBG (name brand geezer). He lived in Poland, then in the UK and now in Japan. Over the years, him and I have traded a bunch of gems. He's got a lot of cool shit to say, and for a point and click kind of guy, his photos always seem to capture moments well. Give him a shot.

Next on the docket is another foreign blog. This one coming from the UK and the record archive of Marcus Andrews. His record collection is astounding and his thoughts on most vinyl usually has me laughing. I have even used his site as a pretty good recommendation guide for music. He doesn't often miss.

Once again, we have another NBD. Larry Ransom. This guy ... this guy. Yeah. Dude is ill. When he's not posting ill videos of Youth Of Today or "The Archive," he's posting ill photos and video of Mike V or Tom Green. Definitely worth bookmarking. It also makes me wish there was a Jersey Mike's in the northeast!

Double Cross Webzine is a daily no brainer. For anyone who loves minutia and well written details about shows and hardcore, this is your site! Tim and Gordo somehow manage to interview everyone worth hearing from. Your mind will be blown reading some of these posts. NYHC to So Cal to even Arizona. Who knew?

To round it out, there is the Livewire Records board. I start the day and end the day on this board. You can usually find at least 4-5 interesting stories or some crazy obscure video or mp3 upload by Ben Alvie. So many gems on this board through out the years. Definitely well worth reading.

There you have it. The "Must Reads." Get digging. Also, feel free to point some other great daily readers my way. I'm always down to read up.

Shoot outs to Jay Bil, Kevin Ma, MorGODo, Klint, Cris-One, Adam, ...


The First Step Last Show ...
  -- Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's a sad day in hardcore. The First Step is hanging up their boots. As one of the bands who carried the straight edge flag through the early 2000s, their presence will be sorely missed.

Be at their last show. Don't miss this one. Show them how grateful you are for carrying that torch.

September 6th 2008
Championship Records
52 Rear Market Street
Lemoyne, PA 17043

Get The Most
Hostage Calm
+more TBA
Ur Moshin.

Shout outs to Steb, Aaron, Aram, Greg, Fred and the huge cast of characters that made that band what they are today. Peace.


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