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DEA + Get Outta Town Records = Free Music!
  -- Saturday, July 26, 2008

Charles at Get Outta Town Records and DEA have collectively lost their minds. I'm sure of it.
DEA is a no-bullshit hardcore band out of the Sunshine State's capital, Tallahassee, a city filled with drunk frat boys, money-grubbing politicians,and not enough straight edge hardcore. After their much anticipated self-released "Demo 2008", DEA put their heads together and recorded a six song EP of all new material that is sure to catch the ear of all lovers of fast, pose-free hardcore. Teaming up with Florida's Get Outta Town Records, DEA and GOT Records are taking a new approach at promoting their sound by releasing the songs FREE for download! Call them crazy (literally, call them on the phone and call tell them that), but they think it's better to get their message out and just have fun. The download includes the 13-song record "Good Guys" (Original demo plus new EP) and full album artwork. The entire download will be available on the Get Outta Town Records website on July 29. Don't miss it!


-DEA and Get Outta Town Records
So there you have it. They've lost their minds. Either that, or they love hardcore and are in it for the music not the moolah. Weird.


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