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Big Day On Ebay ...
  -- Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Normally I would leave this kind of post up to but this one really struck me as awesome.

First up is the test press for the In My Eyes Nothing To Hide LP. I believe Scott P once offered to off someone for one of these. It's pretty amazing, but that BIN is mind boggling.

Next up is 5 different Uniform Choice LPs. All Screaming For Change, but all different color variations. Getting Wishingwell LPs on color vinyl is pretty damn hard (unless you are talking about the insted lp, that seems to always be around in white vinyl). In this auction, you get 5 different ones. All the real color pressings and a few variation colors. Dope. You should also note that he says " i have atleast 30 uc colors in my collection, and somewhat 3 complete sets of these colors..." Good lord!

Sadly, the owner is selling them to buy a Nirvana EP. I think it is safe to assume that he is high. Those BIN prices pretty much back up my claim (even if the BIN on the UC was $2.5k last night, and is now reduced to $2.2k. Yikes).



Youngblood Records Showcase + Bane
  -- Friday, April 11, 2008

Sean Youngblood fired off a note to me last night. I guess Bane needed a show on May 3rd in the area so Sean pulled them in. New additions rule.

Youngblood Records 2008 Showcase Saturday, May 3rd.

Iron Age
Set To Explode (2nd to last show!)
Lion of Judah
Mind Eraser
Fired Up
Police & Thieves
Coptic Times (their East Coast debut)
and friends
The First Step
Government Warning
Right Idea (their East Coast debut)

+ a few possible surprises
$15.00. 2:00 PM.
At Champion Ship
52 Rear Market St.,
Lemoyne, PA 17043

Get into it. Think of the crucial hang sessions. Ritter, Gene, Bedard, Zach, BM, Steb, Aram, Aaron, Greg, Fred, CC, Dave Byrd, ... You're dumb if you miss this (ooooffffff zzzzziiiinnnnggggg).


NGC: Inside Straight Edge
  -- Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Set your Tivo, but don't tell your mom. Get ready for another "documentary" that attempts to portray SXE. Of course, unless you are knifing people, don't expect to get a lot of shout outs in this show. From what I've heard, they mostly focus on the radical minority. I guess that makes sense. It helps sell ad time, right? You wouldn't buy a People magazine that featured a hollywood starlet who was living a normal, young adult life without drama, would you? Probably not. But I'm sure, people would snatch up every copy that featured coked out Lindsay Lohan. It's just how people work. Like watching train wrecks ...

One thing to note about this poster: plenty of New England love. Johnny Limit, Jeff Youth Attack, Dan Gonyea. I don't know the others. I'm sure they are lovely people though.


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