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Noteworthy: The Week Of October 13th ...
  -- Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First and foremost. National Edge Day is Friday. This'll be the 9th anniversary of Edge Day. Obv, time fucking flies!

National Edge Day (Observed) will be celebrated this Saturday. Go to Haverhill Mass and hit up Anchors Up. I suggest everyone make an attempt to get to this show early. The first two bands are going to blow some minds. Free Spirit! No Tolerance! Word.

Second. When friends of mine put together a creative outlet, you fully know I am going to support and push their venture as hard as I can. In the upcoming months, you'll see more and more of this on the front page: promotion for new bands, or top notch record labels (get ready for a sweet Get Outta Town Records feature), along with every other outlet you can imagine.

This week, HYE is highlighting Trumbull Magazine. Owen and Sam are name brand dudes with a vast collective history of awesome. They are pulling on their fanzine routes and creating an upper echelon magazine for the masses. But don't think they've forgotten their roots. This magazine will feature interviews with scene favorites (what did we learn??), skins, sneakers, models plus so much more.

Check out the interview I managed to squeeze out of their busy schedules. Plus, keep checking their site for news and updates.

That's all for now. Peace.



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