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A few Noteworthy Items ...
  -- Friday, October 03, 2008

First, a new interview has been added that collaborates with You need to read up on xChipxSem's ridiculous tshirt collection. Do yourself a favor and go do that now.

Second, The First Step broke up. Boooooo. BUT, after breaking up, they realized they still had some ill merch leftover. Weird sizes, weird selection, but some gems. You should go pick some up before it's gone forever.

Two shows tonight. Lots of choices. If you are in NYC/Brooklyn, got hit up the Radio Silence release / Mind Eraser gigger. If you are in Haverhill MA, come to Anchors Up and peep This Is Hell. I'll be in Haverhill. Word.

And finally, I have a few LPs up on ebay, you should consider buying them ... ooohhh, spammmmy.




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