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Radio Silence
  -- Monday, September 15, 2008

Do you remember how excited you were when rumors started leaking about Blush's American Hardcore book? I know I was pretty amped. But then I got it, and realized it was written by this farty old man who had no friggin clue what was going on in the scene (or world, for that matter) anymore. It was page after page of drivel, really. Some cool facts but not what I had dreamt it was going to be.

Radio Silence is the antithesis of that book. Instead of page after page chock full of bummer stories about hardcore dying in 84, Radio Silence features over 500 pages of rich pictures that will capture your imagination. It'll probably also capture a piece of your bank account as you scour ebay for that elusive object from your past.

Also of noteworthy importance, AP isn't a farty old dude. Not even a little. In fact, he still attends shows, puts out records and owes me an In My Eyes shirt or two (heheheh). He also realizes that hardcore is alive and kicking. Radio Silence doesn't attempt to eulogize hardcore, but it does do a fair job of cataloging some awesome moments in time.

Head over to amazon and pick yours up today! They've already started shipping so don't delay. Also, keep tabs on their website as they've been announcing release parties and gallery openings. It's the real deal, yo!



Blogger Colin Bayer said...
agree on the american hardcore points and agree that this book looks sick! i'm gonna order this right now.
September 28, 2008 11:52 AM  

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