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Last Of The Believers Pre-Order
  -- Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The new 7" for Last of the Believers is up now in our webstore and is ready to be pre ordered! There are some really cool colored vinyl available.

Check out the vinyl here.

Last of the Believers will also be hitting the road with Circle Jerks in Jan '08. Be she to check them out!

01/04/08 : @ Henry Fonda Theater : Los Angeles, CA

01/09/08 : @ The Clubhouse . Tempe, AZ
01/10/08 : @ The Canyon . Las Vegas, NV
01/11/08 : @ TBA : Anaheim, CA
01/12/08 : @ The Exit : Fresno, CA
01/13/08 : @ SLO Brewing Company : San Luis Obispo, CA
01/14/08 : @ The Boardwalk : Orangevale, CA
01/15/08 : @ Club Underground : Reno, NV
01/17/08 : @ Hawthorne Theatre : Portland, OR
01/18/08 : @ TBA : Spokane, WA
01/19/08 : @ El Corazon : Seattle, WA
01/20/08 : @ WOW Hall : Eugene, OR
01/22/08 : @ Slim’s : San Francisco, CA
01/24/08 : @ Catalyst : Santa Cruz, CA
01/25/08 : @ The Glass House : Pomona, CA
01/26/08 : @ Ventura Theatre : Ventura, CA

Make sure to check them out on Myspace!

New Age Records


React Records Update!
  -- Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Here's what Aram has to say:

A label dedicated to positive hardcore and The Straight Edge.

That's the bottom line but not the whole story: Hardcore has had a huge impact on my life and has introduced me to a worldwide community of like-minded people trying to make a positive change in the world. It's provided me with an outlet of expression, introduced me to life changing ideas like The Straight Edge and Vegetarianism, and has given me the opportunity to do and see some amazing things. I want others to have that same experience so to me React is more than a label, it's my way of supporting bands that I feel not only embody the same value system and energy that first attracted me into this scene but who also encourage self reflection and personal growth as a means to changing the world around us.

Can't just sit back, its time to React!

Here's the pre-order info
Get the Most- Core Values EP and React! shirts and hoodies

Hey everyone, I'm about to start taking orders for the Get the Most- Core Values 7" and React! shirts.

This is the vinyl version of the Get the Most- "Core Values" demo that was released on tape by Work Release/Too Funkee Dawgz in 2005. The record features 4 songs of classic youth crew hardcore in the vein of Instead, Youth of Today, and Chain of Strength and marks the beginning of a band that makes me stage dive and feel more alive every time I'm lucky enough to see them play.

This is a one time only vinyl pressing and is available on three colors:

100 on gold
150 on red
250 on black

If you're not familiar with Get the Most check them out here:

Also available are React shirts and hoodies designed by my man Face of GTM fame. If I could picture my perfect shirt for React this would be it so huge thanks to him for being a dude with vision. Shirts and hoodies are available in S to XL and are available in the store.

The store will be ran via the React myspace page and I will start pre-orders on Monday November 26th

You better order some shit from him. Great dude, super pos and works his ass off to make a better scene. You owe him.


This Week in Hardcore - Ebay - Mr. Bane Edition
  -- Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This week I am focusing on Bane gear. Why? Because I like Bane. Duh. But there is more to it than that. I've started to notice a trend that I think says a lot about Bane fans/collectors. I'll conclude with that assessment.

Click here for more details ...
This week I am focusing on Bane gear. Why? Because I like Bane. Duh. But there is more to it than that. I've started to notice a trend that I think says a lot about Bane fans/collectors. I'll conclude with that assessment.

To me, those prices aren't all over the board. They aren't random. Here's how I figure. Bane fans love Bane for their music. They are your average kid. They aren't Mr. Hardcore Shirt Collector. If they were that guy, the first shirt would have sold for WAY more than $9.50 (smoking gun design with black lettering). It's limited to a few dozen. And the West Coast 99 tour shirt that is limited to 2 dozen would also have fetched more loot.

The Mr Sparkles shirt price can be attributed more to the logo than the limited supply. Most Bane fans wouldn't realize that shirt was only sold at a few shows, including an early Hellfest. They have no idea that ONE yellow one even exists (I still need that picture Mr. R). I believe the same can be said for the jacket. The limited nature isn't what drove the price up. It was driven up by the cool samurai pocket print. That's my guess.

And the designs with no bids, well, sometimes designs just don't work on the consumer. In this case, Bane fans passed. Of course, I slept and forgot to bid so if you are holding one of those shirts, hook me up.

Bane fans love Bane. They want to rock a zip hoodie. It hardly matters what color it is. These fans are not your obsessive shirt collector. They aren't WishingWell fanatics or individuals who care about bootlegs vs. OG prints. I know a few exceptions exist, but as far as stereotyping goes, I think I hit it square on.

If you disagree, hit me up. We'll discuss. Peace.


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