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A Few Updates From The HYE? Team ...
  -- Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just a few things.

1. I updated my method for adding shirts to the Shirt Archive. Now when you send shirts to me, it won't take years to up them. That's a good thing.

2. I added some sweet collection pics from Orhun. Check it.

3. I've heard some complaints lately about the submission process on the Trade Board. Believe me, I do this with all of you in mind. Case in point (name hidden to protect the young, innocent hardcore kid):

This list didn't cut the mustard and wasn't added. If there was no submission process, this one would have slipped through. Every time a list is added, the search feature gets slower and slower. Be glad you have me here to separate the wheat from the chaff.

4. I have some free time this week so if you have any suggestions for HYE? hit me up. Peace.


B9 Updates: Send n00dz!
  -- Thursday, October 04, 2007

B9 wants your n00dz, quit sleeping.
We've decided that all those emails about sweet pictures from awesome shows for our website have become a bit cumbersome. Most of those pictures ARE awesome. Most of the shows look insane. But it was just a lot of goddamn work to put those things up.

We decided that it's much easier if you think your pictures are great-we want to cut out the middle man.

If you have pictures of B9 bands you want to see on the site-you can now submit them. There's a spot for your photo credit, the show, the venue and the band. If you go to the main page, the right side has a camera and a pop up screen. We want to see them and we want to give you the credit so people know your pictures rule.

On the right side there is a camera-click it-upload it-put in your information-and it's good to go.


Ok, so maybe not n00dz. But I'm sure Karl wouldn't mind. ;) Hopefully by the time you actually read this, they'll have their PHP/MySQL issues wrapped up.


B9 Issues Recall
  -- Monday, October 01, 2007

Bummer, check it.
Agnostic Front For My Family EP & Murphy's law

Wednesday we received our long awaited Agnostic Front "For My family" 7" EP. They looked awesome. They featured 3 new songs from one of New York's hardcore legends and proved they're still at the top of their game. However, after we went home to check out this vinyl and the songs, we found a horrible mistake.

The pressing plant we frequently use "guarantees" every project is correct screwed up. The A-Side of the record features "For My Family" and "Dead To Me" which are two awesome songs from their Nuclear Blast record "Warriors" which is in stores November 6th. The B-Side exclusive-the one song exclusive to this EP-"Break The Chains" is not there. It is the song "Dead To Me" for the second time. Obviously, this is a huge mistake if you ask us. A HUGE mistake. We're scratching our heads on this one as the master went straight from Alan Douches and West West Side to our hands to the pressing plant-and they are so professional they even put a two minute space of nothing so the plant knew where the break was supposed to be. But that doesn't matter-so we have to make the situation correct.

350 copies made their way out in the first batch of orders through Revelation & our first batch of mailorders. Those customers are welcome to contact and to return their vinyl and get the correct version seeing as "Break The Chains" is a killer song and we understand. When you return the vinyl, let us know and we'll send you a CD OF YOUR CHOICE to make up for the mistake. If you want to keep your error pressing, you already have your record en route or in your hands so do nothing and enjoy the two songs from "Warriors". There are a few copies that made their way out to stores like Generation & Newbury but the rest are going to be replaced with the correct vinyl and shipped at the beginning of the week of October 8th. The 2000+ copies will be pulled and destroyed or recycled or turned into a new wall at our office.

This is a thank you to those who ordered, and an explanation or apology to those who have a 10 day delay. We're still taking orders as they'll ship out early next week. For those who think they're getting a rare version somewhere in stores-both "Break The Chains" and "Dead To Me" are about 2:50 of music, so unless you're putting it on a turntable- it's going to be impossible to tell if you have a regular copy or a botched copy. So just

Thank you to Agnostic Front & Nuclear Blast as well as Revelation Distribution & our pressing plant for working with us on this project and helping us solve it immediately. It sucks for some to wait a little over a week, and it's a huge pain in the ass for some people, but November 6th is a long way away so you'll still get this record in plenty of time to plan out where, when and how you'll buy "Warriors."

Thank you-Chris, Karl Matt & Seth at Bridge Nine.

PS-Does anyone know how to recycle 2000+ pieces of vinyl? All suggestions can be emailed to

I know all about Murphy's Law. It can bite hard.


New Age Records Update: October 2007

New Age Records has a few updates. I wasn't even aware that New Age was releasing vinyl and had bands still. Man, I'm out of the Cali loop. I was honestly expecting news of a Chorus repress. xLOYALx.

Click here for more details ...
New Age Records has a few updates. I wasn't even aware that New Age was releasing vinyl and had bands still. Man, I'm out of the Cali loop. I was honestly expecting news of a Chorus repress. xLOYALx.

Just a quick heads up on the shows we are having this week:

7 Generations:
10/02/07 . @ Stripline in Oceanside, CA
10/03/07 . @ Showcase Theatre in Corona, CA

Just Went Black:
10/05/07 . @ Baracuda Bar in Kassell, Germany
10/06/07 . @Klubhaus in Saalfeld, Germany

Five Victims Four Graves:
10/06/07 . @ The Light in Santa Rosa, CA

One Choice:
10/06/07 . @ The Stripline in Oceanside, CA

We are having two huge sales on 12" vinyl.

You can check them out at the following link:

12": Deal

Thanks for your support!

That LP deal is pretty sweet, actually. Don't sleep.


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