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First To Leave Announce West Coast Tour; Dates In Japan With Lifetime
  -- Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First to Leave is pop punk from the bay. No, not Set Your Goals. First To Leave. I got the chance to listen to their new release, hopefully some east coast shows happen. Check their tour schedule.

Click here for more details ...
TFirst to Leave is pop punk from the bay. No, not Set Your Goals. First To Leave. I got the chance to listen to their new release, hopefully some east coast shows happen. Check their tour schedule.

First to Leave have announced several tour dates in support of their October 9th release, "Forging a Future." The band will embark on a west coast tour with long-time friends Fireworks. Following these dates, the band will head to Japan for a series of performances with Lifetime. For those of you on the east coast, don't sweat it, more tour plans are in the works. In the meantime, here are the upcoming shows:

September 25 2007 - Stockton, CA
September 26 2007 - Logan, UT
September 27 2007 - Denver, CO (w/ Fireworks)
September 28 2007 - Clovis, NM (w/ Fireworks)
September 29 2007 - Albuequerque, NM (w/ Fireworks)
September 30 2007 - Las Vegas, NV (w/ Fireworks)
October 1 2007 - San Diego, CA (w/ Fireworks)
October 2 2007 - Los Angeles, CA (w/ Fireworks)
October 3 2007 - Ventura, CA (w/ Fireworks)
October 4 2007 - Fresno, CA (w/ Fireworks)
October 5 2007 - Ukiah, CA (w/ Fireworks)
October 6 2007 - Redding, CA (w/ Fireworks)
October 7 2007 - Portland, OR (w/ Fireworks)
October 8 2007 - Bremerton, WA (w/ Fireworks)
October 9 2007 - Vancouver, WA (w/ Fireworks)
November 27 2007 - Osaka, JP (w/ Lifetime)
November 29 2007 - Tokyo, JP (w/ Lifetime)
December 1 2007 -Tokyo, JP (w/ Valve Drive)

"Forging a Future" was recorded at Magpie Studios, and produced by J. Robbins. The record is now available for pre-order in the Wednesday Records on-line store
Not bad, not bad at all. I want to tour Japan with Lifetime.


Bridge 9 Update - September 2007
  -- Thursday, September 20, 2007

The staff at B9 keeps busy. There doesn't seem to be any rest over there. Check out what's going on this month.
B9 Podcast Volume 1 Up Live-Full Of New Stuff

So Bridge Nine has joined the digital music world of 45 minute long Mp3s with our first ever Bridge Nine Podcast. We don't want to ruin surprises contained inside but if you want any of the following:

1) New Ambitions Song from "Stranger"

2) Roger Miret talking about life, clothing companies, and being a grown up hardcore kid.

3) New AGNOSTIC FRONT song from "For My Family"

4) New Crime In Stereo Song from "Crime In Stereo Is Dead"

5) Reading Recommendations from Alex Dunne of CIS

It's all there. We had a lot of fun making it so hopefully you enjoy listening to it.

You can subscribe to us with Feedburner. This will also be on Itunes within the next 24 hours. They have to make sure we're not breaking any laws.




As the Podcast secret is out of the bag and previously reported by Punknews & the PRP, Bridge Nine is releasing Agnostic Front's "For My Family" EP. This is a one time pressing that we are very excited to release to the world. Agnostic Front needs to introduction and this release combines the 25 year legacy of the New York Hardcore Institution into a 3-song 7" that proves Agnostic Front is as strong as ever. Sing alongs,, solos, punishing breakdowns & Vinny Stigma are all here and we can pretty much guarantee that every person buying this will want to hear "Warriors" when it comes out on November 6th via Nuclear Blast. The second this EP starts, we guarantee you won't be let down.

So yeah ... Agnostic Front's Bridge Nine 7" can be ordered by clicking the following
link. Shipping NOW.


Ambitions "Stranger" was a victim of internet leakage. We are PSYCHED that people want to hear this record so urgently. We are NOT psyched that we didn't even have CDs yet, so we really want to know who's capable of some Judas type betrayal right there somewhere close. Someday we'll post a blog about being told "I can't delete that link, people expecting the CD will be angry with me," but not today. Either way, what's done is done, but rather than cry, stamp feet or set up a press release condemning the working man for stealing our money (Ambitions are buddies with members of that reference, so it's all in good fun), we decided to set up pre-orders for Ambitions stranger right now. To thank the people who order from us, we have an AIM account set up where you send us your order number & last name-and we send you a link to the Mp3s we hid somewhere on the internet. They're 320 kps (HIGH quality) and we're thinking of cool ways to say thank you for people who support the band & the label.

As for those of you who are patient, we have a few surprises pending. We'll let you know more as the date gets sooner

Click the link for Stranger to check out those Pre-Orders.


Death Before Dishonor just doesn't stop touring. They're starting a tour with Damnation AD & Unholy TOMORROW (click the flyer for dates) and they're home for a week before heading out with their new labelmates AGNOSTIC FRONT for two weeks of domestic shows. THEN they're home for two weeks and off to Europe for the Persistence Tour with Hatebreed, AF, Ignite, Evergreen Terrace and Sworn Enemy. Solid show right there.

Then they'll probably keep touring after that, as soon as they're ready for us to announce those plans, we will.

Click the link for more show information.


Tours Tours Tours Tours:

1) RUINER IN EUROPE shows updated with some new venues to announce. Check those out with Sinking Ships this month and October. Then the band heads out with Modern Life Is War.

2) Ceremony & Have Heart are still crushing Europe for another week.

3) Crime In Stereo & Ambitions Record Release shows&.soon.

4) Death Before Dishonor's from Boston-but they're never here.

So check those out !


I'd make a joke about "no rest for the wicked," but there isn't much wicked about this crew. Oh fuck, now I can make a "wicked" joke with a sully accent. I'll pass on that one too. Just check out B9 and support. They deserve it.


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