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Important updates from Malfunction Records ...
  -- Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Malfunction records is always on top; one hot release after another. And for the summer season, it's only getting hotter.

Click here for more details ...
Malfunction records is always on top; one hot release after another. And for the summer season, it's only getting hotter.

Here's what Tru has to say!
First off, the big news: preorders for Internal Affairs "Deadly Visions" will begin now! here will be 200 copies on a limited color just for you loyal mailorder people as well as a CDEP/poster deal. Remember we also have in stock the second press of their "S/T" LP so pick up both. For you non-vinyl hardcore fans (and seriously, you need to get turntables), you'll be able to download these two releases (and all other Malfunction releases) off RECORDS SHIP SECOND WEEK OF JUNE!

Bitter End is recording their debut full length entitled "Climate of Fear" in mid May and to celebrate (and offset our credit cards going to shit) we are doing some eBay auctions to raise some money to pay for this soon-to-be legendary release. We've decided there's no place better than to make their record release show this year's Sound and Fury Festival in always sunny Ventura, CA. Drop everything important and make sure you attend the first day as they will be leveling the Alpine and most of the left coast with some of the best current hardcore bands around today.

The lovely lads of Meltdown will begin touring next week with the kings of Philadelphia, PA Blacklisted for a short two week jaunt. After that they'll set their sights on Europe and wash over the motherland like the Black Plague with Holland's No Turning Back. By coincidence (or maybe not), we just got in some of the limited vinyl version of their debut CDEP "Demolition" from our new friends at Closed Casket Activities.

The unstoppable touring juggernaut that is Trash Talk will continue with plans to hit everywhere and anywhere till the end of 2007! We think Lee and co. is certifiable and we're just waiting on the documented proof, which will be coming later this summer as they head into the studio for their debut CDEP with Malfunction. In other TT news, our good good friends at Six Feet Under Records will be releasing the vinyl version of "Walking Disease" (CDEP on Rumble Records) so make sure you don't miss out on that!

Xo skeletons have just finished recording their new album more info check out

For our plans this summer besides days spent watching Dodgers games and chillin at Chateau Harder (shout out), Malfunction Records will be attending both hardcore festivals with stops at Sound and Fury Festival (Ventura, CA) and This is Hardcore 2007 (Philadelphia, PA). Will we have cr00sh special merch at these events? Will weird people be running our tables at these events [probably]? All these answers and more will be... uhhh... answered so come out to both and say hi!

Since we finally got our new website/webstore up we recently added a whole bunch of new items for your consumption pleasure. Please note that if you are outside the United States you need to order at least 2 items due to shipping charges. If this doesn't work for you, we urge you to check out the fine folks at!! They love us. Check them out.
So quit sleeping, and get those pre orders in now. You know it'll be worth it.



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