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Have Heart World Tour ...
  -- Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I love Have Heart. Those dudes just left today for Japan. I wish them good luck and safe travels. They have a pretty busy schedule. Check out what B9 had to say.
Have Heart is still touring in support of their LP "The Things We Carry" which came out in August of 2006. This winter, Have Heart said "we want to tour more starting in May." The results are:

1) May - The guys are hitting Japan,
2) June - then flying to the USA, doing some shows in California,
3) then flying to pickup some shows with Madball and Terror,
4) then flying over to Europe to play Pressure Festival.
5) July - Then after a short break, they head out to California to play the Sound & Fury Festival,
6) August - then tour back across the USA with Death Before Dishonor and Rise & Fall before
7) August & September - flying back to Europe to destroy everyone on their tour with Bane and Ceremony.
8) November - After that, they're going to South America. for information.
Now that's a busy schedule. Maybe Pete will bring me back some ltd JP merch. We'll see.



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