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Bridge 9 Update - May 17, 2007
  -- Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jesus, big things going on over at B9. Chris and Karl are keeping busy, that's for sure.

Click here for more details ...
Jesus, big things going on over at B9. Chris and Karl are keeping busy, that's for sure.
***Death Before Dishonor Count Me In Hits Stores NEXT Tuesday May 22, 2007***

Next Tuesday, you're going to have no excuse to get your hands on a new copy of Death Before Dishonor's new LP Count Me In. You are now able to pre-order the CD from Bridge Nine at It will ship next Monday, so you'll have it fast. We're also tossing in an awesome deal for the first week if you buy from a shirt and a copy of Count Me In on CD for $16. This will be posted today. We will start taking orders so click on the PACKAGE DEALS tab in the store to find that one For the vinyl collectors, the plant was delayed in getting them to us, but we'll be taking orders for those on the 22nd. You won't have to wait two years like you did for Friends Family Forever. Of course, the band will also have the CDs with them on tour and you should pick those up at the shows. for dates.

For those looking to hit some stores up, we got you covered around the globe.

USA-Every single Hot Topic will have Count Me In for $9.99 nationwide. The list of Independent stores is endless. Every Newbury Comics, Bull Moose, FYE, Strawberries, Zia, Wherehouse, and even select Sam Goody's and Best Buys will have them if that's your style. For the list that will be growing all week long. Keep in mind, these are only stores who buy DIRECT from our distributors. There are plenty who buy from other places that aren't on our list.

AZ-All Zia stores
CA-Amoeba (San Fran), Boo Boo in San Luis Obispo, Fingerprints, Lou's, Mad Platters, Rhino, Salzer's and Streetlight.
CO-Independent, Black & Read, Angelo's CDs & Tapes, Cheapo Discs, and Twist & Shout.
DC-Melody Record Shop
FL-Park Avenue CDs
GA- Backdoor Music, Barts CD Cellar, Spin Street/Value Music, Turtles, & Vinyl Fever.
KY- Ear X-Tacy
MA-Newbury Comics
MD-Record & Tape Traders, Soundgarden
MI- Dearborn Music, Record Tyme, & Wyatt Earp Records.
MN-Down In The Valley, Electric Fetus, Cheapo, & Extreme Noise.
NC-School Kids
NE-Homer's Music.
NJ-Vintage Vinyl (Fords)
NY-Generation Records, Harmony House, House of Guitars (Rochester), J&R Electronics, On Cue, Planet Music, Record Theatre, Streetside Records.
OR-Everyday Music, Music Millenium, 2nd Ave Records.
PA-Eide's Entertainment, Princeton Record Exchange, Repo Records.
TN-Music City Records
TX-Encore, Waterloo
VA-Crossroads, Plan 9, Volume
WA-Silver Platters
WI-Exclusive Co.

International information coming later.

***Palehorse Touring Europe & Amongst The Flock gets more praise***

Palehorse has been destroying kids nightly since the release of Amongst the Flock last November and they're currently in the middle of their first tour to Europe. If you're overseas, check out for the latest show information. People are still discovering Amongst the Flock, and Metal Edge recently said that the record is "...Pensive, original, and heavy are three words that best describe Palehorse's experimental hardcore album Amongst The Flock. With hasty vocals that revel in the essence of punk and an imulsive, hardcore rhythm, Palehorse generates an interestingly intense genre of their own. Moreover, Amongst The Flock has plenty of catchy breakdowns. Even if you aren't a fan of either of these genres, you can appreciate (if not enjoy) Amongst The Flock's appealing, innovative aura." It just keeps coming.

***Ruiner Prepare To Be Let Down information & Tour Announced***

Baltimore's ugly spawn, Ruiner, is getting ready to release their debut LP Prepare To Be Let Down on June 19th. Following their record release show on June 16th in Maryland, they're embarking on a full US and European tour that doesn't end until October. For detailed show information, go to The European tour announcement will be made very soon, and it will be worth the wait.

***Ceremony Scared People EP coming out July 3rd on Itunes and vinyl***

Ceremony has a touring schedule that is going to cover just about every corner of the US and Europe following the release of their 7" and Digital release Scared People. This is a six song EP that is just punishing. If you haven't heard Ceremony yet, they've released a demo, a 7" and a CD/LP on Malfunction Records, and they're the most brutal, angry, out of control band you'll see live. This summer, they'll be touring with Shipwreck and Blacklisted, then hitting Europe with Bane and Have Heart-a few shows are with this little group called the Gorilla Biscuits. The full-length will be coming out in Early 2008, but trust us-this will hold you over.

***Crime In Stereo and Ambitions finishing their B9 Debuts***

Long Island's Crime In Stereo and Connecticut's Ambitions are finishing up their Bridge Nine debuts. You'll have to wait a while for these ones, but it's going to be the the last part of a great year here at Bridge Nine.

Finally-we here at Bridge Nine would like to say goodbye to the guys who made up a little group called Kill Your Idols. This is a band that B9 had the privilege of working with on the vinyl version of the Kill Your Idols/Good Riddance split 7" and if you haven't heard No Gimmicks Needed, or the "Something Started Here" collection that is coming out on CD with Lifeline and vinyl with Get Outta Town Records-you're missing out. Personally, I'm really sad that I couldn't make it to their last shows, but without making this longer-Kill Your Idols is going to be missed but they'll always be remembered.
If you didn't read anything in there that peaked your interest, you need to get your head checked. Seriously.



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