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R.W. Garcia - King Again
  -- Friday, January 29, 2010

A few years ago, we had a summer bbq at my house. It was before this big 108 gig down the street from my house. It isn't often that shows occur at this place so we figured we would go all out and invite people over. We had a great time. Some of the guests were in 108, and one of these guests was from Southern California.

We bought all sorts of food for this gig and ended up buying these new corn chips we had never seen before. They looked good, and the bag was gigantic. Perfect for a bbq. R. W. Garcia was looking good. The chips were awesome, and people were into them. The guy from 108 from southern California even claimed to KNOW Mr R.W. Garcia. Seemed impressive to me.

Flash forward to this winter, and we found a new gluten-free, organic bag of R. W. Garcia chips. Melissa has lately been cutting WAY back on her gluten so it seemed like a good product to try out. You know, something new and different.

We got home and immediately tore into the bag. That's how we do it around here. She ate two chips and nearly gagged. She then ripped into another brand of tortilla chips in order to "clean the taste out of her mouth." I told her, it couldn't be that bad, and then ate a chip. It was that bad. We must have gotten a bad batch, no idea. It just was not good. I had to eat some of the other chips in order to cleanse my mouth. It was rough.

It was so rough that I ended up contacting R.W. Garcia with my issues. I wrote up a quite lengthy note filled with my disappointment. That was the end ... or so I thought.

Flash forward to today. My wife told me this morning that the food processor she ordered last night in Amazon had already shipped. I was pretty impressed with that. By the time I got back from a haircut in the afternoon, a box was waiting on our doorstep. I just assumed it was the amazon box and went about my other chores.

After wrapping up my other work, I decided to pop open the box to set up the food processor for Melissa. It was then that I noticed it was addressed to ME and not to her. And the return address was NOT Amazon.

Here's the box. It's big. Notice the 20oz cola next to it for comparison.

I cut into the box with no idea at all what it could be. To my surprise, it was a package from R.W. Garcia. There was a nicely worded note from the Quality Assurance department with 3 bags of corn chips. And not just any bags, but the BIG Bag. So yes, I now have three 32 oz bags of tortilla chips at my house. That's 6lbs of tortilla chips. It should last me until at least next week. ;)

So shout outs to R.W. Garcia. This sort of customer service and care goes above and beyond what a normal company would do. Thanks for the love, know that you have won us back.



Blogger Melissa said...
I blame the packaging on those gross chips. ew so gross.

but thanks RW - now we just need that food processor to show up so I can make some salsa.
1/29/2010 8:47 PM  

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Mailbox Report. It's All Bane ...
  -- Sunday, January 03, 2010

Quick note: this blog post is dedicated to Marcus over at Endless Quest. Good work finding your white whale.

Back to the action.

Unless you've been hiding in cave with Osama for the last 6 months, you know Bane released a new EP. Not only did they release a new EP, but it was released on 400 different labels all over the world. Here are all the EPs I've received so far.

Here's what you see. Left to Right, Top to Bottom.

Row 1

6131 Records - 3:58 Los Angeles - green vinyl
6131 Records - 3:58 Los Angeles - milky orange vinyl
6131 Records - 3:58 Los Angeles - milky milk vinyl

Hurry Up Records - 11:58 Dublin - tour press green vinyl
Hurry Up Records - 11:58 Dublin - tour press black vinyl

Row 2.

Triple B Records - 6:58 Boston - clear blue vinyl
Triple B Records - 6:58 Boston - clear red vinyl
Triple B Records - 6:58 Boston - black vinyl

Hurry Up Records - 11:58 Dublin - speckled orange vinyl
Hurry Up Records - 11:58 Dublin - orange vinyl
Hurry Up Records - 11:58 Dublin - black orange vinyl

That's some vinyl haul! Still waiting on the second round of vinyl from Hurry Up Records.

CDs were also released in Tokyo, South America and Australia. This is the 7:58 Tokyo cd package. It came with stickers, a pin, and a tee. I ordered 4 packages. I ended up with 4 tees and 2 cds. Funny story: my tees smell like gasoline. Real weird. Real, real weird.

Along with the X:58 EP, Bane also contributed to Stephen Fallis' zine, At Both Ends. This EP is a comp of 4 bands. Bane, Unrestrained, Grade & Between Earth And Sky. No idea who Between Earth And Sky is, but Unrestrained is this chill band. You may recognize one or two of these characters from the xStuck In The Pastx blog. Great blog, chill band.

Group shot of my 3 sets. Here are the individual pics too.

If I find out what the pressing info is, I'll make sure to share it.



Blogger marcus said...
I like how you're missing the 2nd Hurry Up 7" and I'm missing the 6131 record. And now it hit me that I never ordered the 2x7" with the zine. I guess we're like the Gatekeeper and the Keymaster - put us together and we're pretty dangerous.
1/04/2010 5:34 PM  

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