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Oh Twitter?
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My New BFF or Why Twitter Rules ...
  -- Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A few days back, I noticed a vegan acquaintance (I can't recall if I have met this person in real life, otherwise I would call him "friend." But I know we have talked over various online platforms over the years) was bumming around Las Vegas. He's vegan, I'm vegan.

He mentioned one day that he was going to Ronalds. In fact, here's the message. Key words, "dear ronald's, please have lots of vegan donuts ready for me tomorrow and sunday." Now that's what I'm talking about.

When I saw that, I jokingly responded, "uh, hey, where are my donuts from Ronalds?"

3 days later:

Homeboy shipped a few to me OVERNIGHT. They tasted amazing. It really was one of the best days ever. Also worth noting, these donuts were free. He just shipped them to me. No donut fees, no shipping fees, just one vegan hooking up another vegan. What about that?

Scott, if you read this, I owe you man. Big.

ps. The Tino got a new blankie.



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